Hürrem Sultan Vakfı

Vakfımız din, dil ve ırk ayrımı gözetmeksizin dünyadaki tüm çocukları kapsayacak şekilde projeler geliştirir ve onlara psikososyal destek sağlayarak sosyal hayatlarını iyileştirmeye yönelik faaliyetler yürütür.


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The Wells Project in Africa

This project is of great significance, as the shortage of clean water poses a major challenge in many African countries.

The Wells Project in Africa

All Together “One Ummah!”

As Hürrem Sultan Endowment, we invite you to join the #OneUmmah campaign to deliver our aid to our brothers and sisters in Palestine.

All Together “One Ummah!”

The Women of Benevolence

Global Campaign for Women's Humanitarian Work

The Women of Benevolence

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Our Projects

Education Fee Support Project

The project aims to provide and cover the school fees for the targeted students in impoverished and disaster-a ...

School Transportation Project

The project aims to provide school transportation fees in collaboration with local partners for delivery to th ...

School Equipment Project

The project aims to provide school building facilities by equipping classrooms, teacher rooms, and administrat ...

Science Laboratory Project

The project aims to equip science laboratories in schools with specialized tables, chairs, tools, and equipmen ...

Computer Laboratory Project

The project aims to equip computer labs in schools with computer devices and their accessories, including netw ...

School Bag Project

The project aims to provide school bags and their essential contents, such as stationery, pens, and tools that ...

School Restoration Project

The project involves implementing restoration and maintenance operations for school buildings that have been a ...

School Construction Project

The project involves the implementation of school buildings in disaster-stricken, impoverished, and crisis-aff ...

Hürrem Sultan Vakfı

Learn More About The Endowment

Hurrem Sultan Endowment is an independent social organization that has adopted a culture of endowment work. It provides humanitarian aid to support education, development and relief in the world.


Inspired by the charitable works of Hürrem Sultan, the wife of Ottoman Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent, our foundation was established in 2023 with the goal of following in the footsteps of women who contribute to society and humanity with their ideas and energies. What sets us apart from other foundations is our commitment to ensure the continuity of charitable activities, following the legacy of our ancestors and nurturing the concept of women's philanthropy. Hürrem Sultan Foundation will carry out its activities in needy and vulnerable regions, both domestically and internationally.

As Hürrem Sultan Foundation, in our starting point, we aim to leverage the power and ability of women, especially in the field of humanitarian aid.

To evaluate the inherent talents of women by nature. After all, women are emotional, diligent, self-sacrificing, initiative-taking, and responsible individuals.

To benefit from women's ability to empathize, touch events, contribute to meeting the needs of society based on deep understanding and awareness.

To activate the network of relationships in the environment, starting from the nuclear family and extending to the extended family, neighborhood, city, and ultimately the global community.

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You can receive receipts for both in-kind and cash donations.

Our endowment accepts all types of donations, including in-kind, cash, and online donations.

As Hürrem Sultan Endowment, we conduct our activities in needy and vulnerable regions internationally.

As a endowment, we have collaborations abroad regarding education, culture, social aid, health, and infrastructure projects that we will carry out internationally.

The endowment has international consultation committees formed to make decisions on all kinds of activities and overseas teams consisting of experts in their fields brought together to develop projects.